Try Scuba Diving

Try Scuba Diving: It is simply breathing under water and cruising around in a fluid medium, weightless. The first few breaths are truly memorable, strange but exciting. Suitable for all, even non swimmers can safely enjoy this experience. For those who want to just try diving for the first time. It is easy and your dive guide will hold you until you are ready to go it alone close beside him.

After you are shown how to put your equipment on, we take you our resort swimming pool for a safe and easy introduction and instruction. This includes the correct fitting of the mask, regulator breathing, mask clearing, buoyancy and safety. When you are ready, we have a short walk to the beach for your marine dive with your dive buddy.

About your Dive Buddy: Your dive buddy will be with you for the length of your dive. This will be up to an hour depending on your air usage and how much used during your instruction.

Our Dive Buddies have years of experience introducing diving to thousands of guests. Try diving at least once for the list!


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